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Kevin Owens sets up Brock Lesnar feud during television interview promoting WWE SmackDown

Many have pointed out that Vince McMahon's "One versus All" match for WWE champ Roman Reigns on Raw last night was basically a singles contest between the Big Dog and Kevin Owens, at least at the start. There's also been criticisms that having to struggle to deal with a contender for the secondary title made Reigns look less than stellar.

In an interview this morning with a local ABC affiliate to promote tonight's SmackDown taping, Owens spun both critiques by answering a question from KATC's Steven Albritton:

Seemed like the rest of the roster wasn't in no hurry to get in the match, so the bottom line is I went toe-to-toe with the WWE World Heavyweight champion and almost got the best of him, so...I feel pretty good.

Albritton - who needs recognition as the best local morning show anchor at interviewing wrestlers (is there a Slammy for that?) - also worked with the Prizefighter to use the segment to set up a WrestleMania program a lot of fans are hoping for...

After last night, Brock Lesnar...kind of put his nose in my business where he shouldn't have had so maybe that's where we're gonna go soon.

There's obviously beef with Brock Lesnar after last night.

Sure, it's just a local spot, but (1) good on Owens for making the most of every second of television coverage at his disposal and (2) IT MIGHT BE HAPPENING!

What's your take, Cagesiders?

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