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Mark Henry explains Chris Jericho's 'back of the bus brothers' comment to The Usos on Raw

During tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw in New Orleans, Chris Jericho was setting up a tag team match between The Usos and The New Day. In doing so, he referred to Jimmy and Jey as his "back of the bus brothers."

Here's the clip:

This led to some shock on social media considering how a comment like that could be taken for those who may not know what he's talking about. Mark Henry was quick to take to Twitter to explain exactly what he meant to get out ahead of any controversy:

Darren Young was right there to back him up:

I didn't see anyone calling for Jericho's head even before Henry's explanation, and I'm not sure there ever would have been much of a controversy. That said, there's no real value to Jericho making such a remark and that someone needs to explain why it's not offensive means he probably should have just avoided saying it, what with it being a PG program and all that.

Final word:

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