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Tyler Breeze explains break up with Summer Rae: 'I want to get back to my roots'

During last night's episode of SmackDown on SyFy, Tyler Breeze, suddenly and without warning, announced that he and Summer Rae would be going their separate ways. Neither of the two offered any explanation for this, leaving us scratching our heads.

Later, WWE released the above video where Renee Young -- who Breeze continuously calls "Rich" -- gets the scoop:

"I want to get back to my roots. It's called a 'selfie,' not an 'us-ie.'"

Considering he's been with Summer for the entirety of his main roster run, short as it has been, Breeze must be referring to his time in NXT. He found success there with this self-obsessed character but after a while got lost in the shuffle and eventually called up when it looked like there was nowhere else to go.

Now, he looks just as directionless and it's only been two months.

Summer, meanwhile, may or may not be getting cozy with Dolph Ziggler.

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