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Having trouble telling The New Day's dances apart? has you covered with a GIF guide

How many times have you found yourself hypnotized by a clapping Xavier Woods, a skipping Kofi Kingston or especially a gyrating Big E and said, "wow, I wish I knew if that was the dance inspired by The Lion King or the one dedicated to Outkast!"

Well, fret no longer, Cagesiders! has you covered with a comprehensive guide to all of The New Day's signature choreography.

If you're some sort of Negative Nancy/Norman or PrimeTime Players fan and didn't immediately click that link, let us entice you. As tempting as it is to unethically just reproduce the whole dang thing here, we'll just hit you with a few highlights and encourage you to head over to the mothership for a full accounting, complete with very clever caption descriptions.

Here are my three favorite from among the top ten submitted by the tag champs themselves:

  • A bit of a freestyle groove called "New Day Can Dance Anything"

Pull up a bubble-wrapped table, put on your favorite trombone beats and tell us which one is your favorite, Cagesiders.

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