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New poll helps Triple H get a head start on burying Seth Rollins

It wasn't just a controversial Sting promo, or the WWE and United States champion's tense interactions with principal owner Stephanie McMahon (aka. Mrs. Cerebral Assassin)...Creative is going all in on setting up an eventual Seth Rollins vs. Triple H feud.

The latest evidence is a poll running on the company's website this weekend asking fans to choose sides in the debate that began on Raw with Steph and Stinger on one side and Seth on the other:

Many in the internet wrestling community (IWC) have commented on the lack of a third option, backing Rollins' claims of having surpassed his mentor and patron by virtue of holding both the undisputed world and U.S. titles simultaneously.

That position is a little hard to argue when the option stating that The Architect is nowhere near Hunter's level has been leading all day (although the gap has closed considerably, down to 57% "No" to 43% "Yes" as of this writing). But the poll is also just a part of presenting the former Shield member as a man who needs considerable help to win matches as a solo performer, so who can say if fans disrespecting Seth is what they've been taught to do over the past year, or if they truly see him as less than The Game at his peak?

What do you think, Cagesiders? Vote in the poll here, and sound off on the issue of Rollins' booking and Haitch's shovel below.

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