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That time Darren Young wanted to be paired with Bob Backlund

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

On the same "Talk is Jericho" podcast the Prime Time Players detailed how little creative direction WWE had for them when they broke them up and randomly put them back together, Darren Young detailed an idea he pitched for when he was returning from a knee injury last year.

It sounds brilliant.

"One of the ideas that I had was bringing back Bob Backlund and having him be like my mentor, like my life coach. So I come back, I'm depressed, I have no friends, I have no partner. Bob Backlund, he's really funny. Just mingling with him whenever he's in the area he just gives you his time and I just think he's hilarious. I think that would have been funny."

The Prime Time Players are an entertaining act and all that but can you imagine Backlund's insanity back with Young? How fun would that have been? Anything that gets Backlund back on TV, especially in a role like that, sounds good to us.


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