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Jim Ross advises Hulk Hogan to "lie low and let things settle down"

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In his latest blog post, Jim Ross advises Hulk Hogan to "lay low and let things settle down" and to knock off the "one more match" self promotion.

It seems advisable that Hulk Hogan should lie low until his litigation with Gawker is over.
It seems advisable that Hulk Hogan should lie low until his litigation with Gawker is over.
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

It didn't take long for Hulk Hogan to try to inveigle his way back into the public's good books, after he was fired by WWE when The National Enquirer published racist quotes he made during a secretly taped rendezvous with Heather Cole several years ago. Just over five weeks in fact.

Many thought it was far too soon for Hogan to embark on his public redemption tour, especially with his legal battle with Gawker still rumbling on with no end in sight, which could provide further embarrassing revelations.

The naysayers were proved right when The Hulkster gave a shaky performance on Good Morning America last Monday, blaming his racist outburst on being at the lowest point in his life, when he was feeling suicidal (the timeline for this was off, as the sex tape is believed to have been filmed before his divorce with Linda), and on the environment he grew up in. Hogan may have gotten away with the latter claim, if he hadn't concocted a preposterous sounding story where all his friends, black and white, greeted each other with the N-word in the 1960s before the rise of gangsta rap and hip-hop popularised usage of the word in that fashion in some social groups. Unsurprisingly, local residents who grew up with Hogan in South Tampa called BS on this overt fiction.

This gave oxygen to the controversy again, allowing Bret Hart to get his shots in and not come across too badly even though he crossed a line by suggesting that The Hulkster was "probably glad that Roddy Piper passed away, because he took all the edge off all that". Hogan was right to point out on Twitter that such a comment was uncalled for, but saying that he was praying for The Hitman and only had love for his brother came across as a bit phony.

His addiction to social media continues to be problematic, as he is still getting clowned by trolls and making ill-advised remarks that suggest he is missing the point.

Wrestling journalist Wade Keller took Hogan to task earlier this week for responding to someone suggesting that if he really wanted people to forgive him then he should go do something for Black Lives Matter by responding "how about all lives matter":

Hogan's response was to delete the tweet and block Keller on Twitter.

Earlier today, he got caught out by another British troll, getting him to retweet another stupid picture:

I understand Hogan not knowing who Nigel Farage is (he's the leader of the Eurosceptic, right-wing UK Independence Party, who has made controversial remarks about Eastern European and Muslim migrants in the past), but that's such a bad Photoshop job he should have immediately smelled a rat.

It thus should come as no surprise, after Hogan continues to mishandle the situation, that the wise Jim Ross has advised The Hulkster to lie low for awhile in his latest blog post:

"If I was advising Hulk Hogan I'd suggest him to lay low and let things settle down. He does deserve forgiveness, as we all do, if he's sincere and I want to believe that Hulk is sincere but trying to promote himself to have "one more match" is not advisable. Just my two cents."

It's hard to disagree with that, as Hogan continues to dig a hole deeper for himself by constantly putting his foot in his mouth.