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Big Show hypes Brock Lesnar match at WWE: MSG live special (Video)

The weekly interview with Michael Cole goes to Big Show this week to give him a few minutes to continue hyping his match with Brock Lesnar at the WWE: MSG live special on the Network this coming Saturday night in New York. In doing so, they actually bothered to bring up the last time these two had a match at Royal Rumble last year. About that, Show had this to say:

"For what memories I do have, it was a very violent night. Brock came back with a lot more intensity, I think, than I had ever seen from him, and he had a chair. I don't know how many chair shots I took -- 50, 60, 70, I have no idea. I know that emotionally it was a little hard to deal with that match. That's one of those ones... there are a few fights that stick in your mind and you let 'em go. 'Alright, that guy was better that night' or, 'wow, I did really good that night.' There are some fights that haunt you and stick in the back of your mind like 'if there comes a day where I get a chance to avenge, to have another opportunity, it will not go down like that.' So I owe Brock Lesnar a little bit of payback."

He also says he doesn't care about pissing off Internet fans who were upset at him for interrupting Heyman's promo on Raw this week.

They aren't breaking new ground here but all in all they've done well to build to a match not many fans actually want to see.

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