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Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte Divas title match will likely happen before Night of Champions

During an unusually newsworthy episode of SmackDown, Charlotte revealed she has petitioned The Authority to grant her a Divas title match against Nikki Bella BEFORE she breaks AJ Lee's record for longest title reign:

WWE had already announced that the match would take place at Night of Champions on Sept. 20 but that's a full six days after the record would be broken on Monday Night Raw in Memphis. As our friend Brian Maxwell Mann has pointed out, a big issue with Nikki breaking the record is that "she's a heel and villains aren't meant to achieve their goals. Heroes cut them short." This match happening before the record is broken doesn't ensure that WWE will do as Mann says but it at least gives them the opportunity while promoting the most important match since the dawn of the so-called Divas Revolution while also giving them an easy rematch for the pay-per-view just days later.

Stay tuned.

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