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Gail Kim states the obvious on the WWE Divas Revolution: They need storylines and characters

From an interview with Channel Guide Mag:

"I just love what they've been doing. It's so funny I saw a match I thought, 'That's so like TNA knockouts style.' They are bringing it to another level, and I love it. I the saw Sasha and Bayley match. I just loved the psychology and the crowd was into it. It was great. Now I just feel they are doing it on the main stage. I think they really need storylines and characters. They can do what we're doing. TNA is very good about pushing individual girls and letting them stand alone and develop their characters and stories that way. I think fans can connect on a deeper level. Just throwing three girls against three girls out there, it's great they are giving them more time. Now they need to give them the storylines and so forth."

WWE is finally getting around to telling a story with Nikki Bella's quest to break AJ Lee's record for consecutive days as Divas champion. But it's come after weeks of, as Kim states, simply throwing out a lot of women in matches and giving them more time to work matches.

The only women on the main roster in WWE who are getting a real story are Lana and Summer Rae and they aren't actually a part of the "Divas Revolution" group. It's also unclear if they're actually building to a match, which is a separate issue within that story.

That's the other problem WWE has always had booking its women: Even if they start writing stories and developing characters within the Divas division, can we be sure they won't be the same old stereotypes fans are sick and tired of? It's great to have longer matches and more of a focus on the women involved, but there have to be some creative changes for it to really catch on.

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