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Mick Foley: Eva Marie will have a great match at a big show within a year

The Hardcore Legend took to Facebook earlier today after watching NXT last night and went to bat for maligned WWE Diva Eva Marie:

FOLEY PREDICTSWITHIN ONE YEAR #WWE Diva #EvaMarie will be in a great match at a big show with #SashaBanks #BeckyLynch...

Posted by Mick Foley on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Eva struggled in her match last night and while WWE remains keen on pushing her, there are plenty -- like my main man Sean RIGHT HERE at Cageside Seats -- who disagree. That Foley is not one of them is notable, but it's worth wondering if he's reaching for stars that are a little too far away.

Marie's appeal isn't in her wrestling, it's in the fact that she's a heat magnet who draws more reaction than any woman who has come through the Divas division in a number of years. That's not to say she can't get there eventually, but how many classic matches can you remember from, say, Hulk Hogan?


She's no Hogan, of course, but you can teach someone to wrestle; you can't teach someone how to get heat as naturally as she does, even if, as Sean likes to think, it's because she's getting pushed while not being any good. Time will tell if that changes, and if Foley is to be believed, we can count on it changing within a year.

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