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Heath Slater says he's accepting John Cena's US title open challenge on Raw tonight

Earlier today, WWE announced that John Cena would be bringing the US title open challenge back on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York. Now, Heath Slater is saying he's going to answer that challenge.

From the WWE Facebook:

"Rich, we get it; luck is never on my side. Who knows, it probably never will be. But just like the blood moon last night, the stars were lined up. John Cena the United States open challenge is back, bay-bay, on the same day as Slater's Appreciation Day. Funny how it goes around like that. Rich, I'm done with you. John, I'm accepting your United States open challenge and beware because I'm coming and I'm going to be the new United States champion."

This wouldn't be the first time Slater has tried to answer the call. That he's making clear he plans to doesn't mean he'll ultimately be the guy challenging for the title, but, at the very least, it appears he'll finally get some more TV time.

Follow along with Raw tonight here.

UPDATE: Slater did not answer the call. New Day did. SLATER GONNA SLATE(R)

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