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Charlotte, Becky Lynch set for Miz TV on Raw tonight in Buffalo

WWE announced as much on Facebook today via a Rich Brennan interview with The Miz, who had this to say:

"Big announcement, huge announcement, I guess you could say it's an awesome announcement because Becky Lynch and the new Divas champion Charlotte will be on Miz TV. Let's face it, the Divas Revolution has become drama, drama, and more drama, and what better place to air out your grievances than Miz TV with yours truly?"

The last time these women were on Miz TV (as part of Team PCB), it was a horrible segment that made everyone but Miz look bad. Things have changed quite a bit in just a few weeks, however, so maybe it will be different this time around.

A US title open challenge with John Cena is also set for tonight's Raw in Buffalo, New York. Follow along with all the action here.

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