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The Miz's next goal is to win an Oscar

From an interview with Vulture:

"If you succeed at a goal, make another one, and make it even bigger. My goal now is to win an Oscar. When I say that, people laugh at me. When I said I wanted to be a WWE superstar, they laughed at me. When I said I wanted to main-event WrestleMania, they laughed at me. So far I've been able to prove them wrong, and that fuels my fire. Now I need to find the tools to get me where I need to get next. I make goals that everyone else thinks are unattainable, but I know I can do it."

He's not wrong about the success he's had in WWE, but at some point you have to be realistic, right? The Miz is never going to win an Oscar. The Rock, the most successful crossover pro wrestling/Hollywood star, has never won an Oscar. It's not unfair to assume The Miz won't beat him to it.

Or ever even come close.

But, like he said, it's good to have goals and what not.

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