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Paige throws shade on Eva Marie's 'push' ... but she's just kidding (maybe)

Rumors have persisted for a while now that Eva Marie is receiving a push from the higher ups at WWE (though more recent rumors suggest that push is getting slowed down in favor of others in NXT). Because so many fans outright despise her, other Divas on the roster end up having to answer questions about her and the aforementioned rumored push.

That includes Paige, who more or less laughed it off at a recent Comic Con Q&A (via Wrestling Inc):

"It's not really a push. Come on now. If it's a push, I don't see it. It's a nudge, honestly. I'm just kidding. No, she's really sweet. Anyway, moving on."

The major knock against Eva is her relative lack of experience and inability to work an entertaining match. While fans can certainly revolt against her because of this, it makes far more sense for her co-workers to do so. And while she's not working with Paige at the moment, a push would indicate that's coming sooner or later.

Not that Paige seems to care (or think that push even exists).

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