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Sting update: Long term future uncertain after 'serious' neck injury

According to a report from TMZ Sports, Sting is now recovering at home after a trip to the hospital last night following his match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in Houston, Texas. During that visit, doctors apparently ran a CAT scan and while nothing in his neck is broken, it's a serious injury that leaves his long-term diagnosis uncertain, which is in line with previous rumors and reports.

He was also apparently hurt multiple times throughout the match:

Sting is recovering at home Monday, after sustaining a serious neck injury ... so serious doctors are not able to give a long-term prognosis, TMZ Sports has learned. Sting was seriously hurt Sunday night in the WWE championship match against Seth Rollins. We're told he was injured several times during the match, the most serious being the powerbomb against the turnbuckle which caused the neck injury.

Meanwhile, Sting's manager posted the following message to his Facebook page:

"As many of you may already know, Sting is undergoing treatment for the injuries he sustained in last night's match with Seth Rollins. Doctors will continue to evaluate his condition, but he is a man of remarkable health and resiliency, especially at his age and with all he's endured throughout his stellar career. Therefore, we are optimistic he will have a speedy recovery and return to full health soon. Sting has kept his body in excellent shape, due largely to the guidance he's received from his personal trainer Jeff Cavaliere (ATHLEAN-X), and we trust this will prove beneficial to the recovery process. As a side note, we later learned the greatest damage to his body took place before the match was over, but being the true professional he is and among the hardest workers to ever step foot in the ring, he insisted to see the match through to the end."

WWE has yet to post any update since confirming the injury earlier today.

More as we have it.

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