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Dean Ambrose calls out 'glory hound' Chris Jericho after WWE Night of Champions 2015

Chris Jericho was the mystery man Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose used in their match against The Wyatt Family at WWE Night of Champions last night in Houston, Texas. Ultimately, however, he cost the team the match, tagging himself in and taking the loss by passing out in Braun Strowman's finish.

After, Jericho shoulder checked Ambrose on his way out of the ring, seemingly upset at either himself or his teammates. Then, Ambrose had this to say during a backstage interview:

"It was going great. We were this close. We had that big black sheep Strowman rocked. We had that Strowman on his ass. Everything was going to plan until glory hound Y2J comes in... that's fine. He's my call, that's fine. Do what you do, man. Don't big league me in the ring."

This could be a set up for a Jericho-Ambrose program. He's got time in his schedule over the next month or so -- his band, Fozzy, doesn't tour again until November -- and he's already scheduled for the WWE special from Madison Square Garden on Oct. 3.

Stay tuned.

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