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WWE Raw results, live blog (Sept. 21, 2015): Night of Champions fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 21, 2015) from the Laredo Energy Center in Laredo, Texas featuring the fallout show from the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Houston.

Advertised for tonight: Kane has returned to get in Seth Rollins (and Sheamus') way, John Cena is US champion once more, Charlotte and Kevin Owens are Divas and Intercontinental champions, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's do this...


WWE Signature and we go straight to Laredo where The Wyatt Family comes out.

Bray Wyatt directly addresses Roman Reigns and says that he tried to warn him, but the warning fell on deaf ears. Wyatt calls Reigns a fool for trying to outrun his destiny. Instead, it was Wyatt who reached to grab the brass ring last night.

Wyatt starts going on about how he isn't a liar, and this causes Roman Reigns to come out. It's worth noting that Wyatt restrains Luke Harper and Braun Strowman when Reigns enters.

Reigns that it just isn't about him; it's about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. In fact, that's how it always was. Reigns makes the offer for Reigns and Wyatt to finish it in the ring mano a mano. Wyatt and Reigns exchange words with Wyatt pretty much telling Reigns no.

Reigns calls out Wyatt as being scared. Reigns then makes the offer: no referee, no match. Just a fight between two man.

Harper and Strowman leave the ring, and Wyatt and Reigns go at it after Reigns clocks Harper.

After they go at it for a bit, Strowman and Harper come in to stack the odds in Wyatt's favor until Ambrose comes out. Ambrose and Reigns keep the fight on the Wyatts, but it's quite clear that THAT DAMN NUMBERS GAME is going against Ambreigns.

That is until Randy Orton comes out to make a save by clearing The Wyatts out. This strategy works until Orton tries to work over Strowman. Strowman works Orton a bit until Ambrose and Reigns come back to clear the big beast out of the ring, allowing Ambreigns and Orton to stand tall.


Backstage, Seth Rollins tries to muster up the courage to enter The Authority's office to address the issue of Kane. Rollins enters in a bit of a rage just to encounter a strangely happy Kane, who is happy to be back to work after being decimated by Brock Lesnar a couple months back.

Oh, and Seth Rollins is having his rematch against John Cena tonight


The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville and Lucha Dragons

Although somewhat sloppy, this was a decent enough match with Neville/Lucha Dragons after Kalisto hits Viktor with Salida Del Sol following a hot tag.

Neville and Lucha Dragons def The Cosmic Wasteland


Backstage, Seth Rollins finally finds Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and starts freaking out about Kane being reinstated as director of operations. Trips and Steph play stupid as Rollins continues complaining. Trips just tells Rollins to focus on regaining the US Title while they'll deal with Kane.


Ryback vs Bo Dallas

Kevin Owens comes out to enjoy this one at the commentary table. Dallas takes the opportunity to make fun of Ryback for losing to Owens last night.

Just a standard match here with Ryback getting the win with Shellshock.

Ryback def Bo Dallas

Right after the match ends, Kevin Owens attacks Ryback, but is repelled quickly before Ryback can land Shellshock.


Ric Flair comes out.

He asks the crowd if he looked like a proud father, and the crowd responds with a yes. As he continues, a "thank you Flair" chant starts, causing him to thank the crowd.

He starts talking about Charlotte and how his proudest moment was Charlotte winning the Divas Championship last night. He puts over Nikki Bella as a great champion before introducing the new Divas Champion: Charlotte.

Charlotte, Paige, and Becky Lynch come out.

After a WOOOOO, she emotionally addresses Flair, saying that she's done a good job by making Ric proud. Ric, Becky, and Charlotte embrace.

Charlotte addresses Paige and Becky, calling their team a dream since day one. She addresses Becky as a person that reminds her not to be super serious all the time. She addresses Paige next to a big pop, reminding her of their starting in NXT and Paige's legacy as the first NXT Women's Champion.

Paige takes the mic and suddenly switches, calling this whole segment patronizing before ripping Charlotte, eventually saying that title reigns end, and that Charlotte is just a placeholder.

Paige just continues spitting some white-hot fire directed as each and every woman in the division. She eventually says that Charlotte is only relevant because of Ric before leaving to a good reaction.

At this moment, Team Bella comes out and Nikki briefly addresses Paige before addressing Charlotte and how she's going to fail tonight against Brie Bella.

Just.....Paige. She killed it good.


Charlotte vs Brie Bella

This was a fairly standard match that continues the trend of Charlotte's left leg getting worked over by the heel (in this case Brie). After a while, Charlotte comes right back with a spear and Figure Eight to win.

Charlotte def Brie Bella


Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Very short match. Although Henry hossed Sheamus around and toyed with the hawk and facial hair, Sheamus came right back with a Brogue Kick to win.

Sheamus def Mark Henry

Sheamus cuts a post-match promo saying that he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as far as he's concerned. It's just a matter of time.


Backstage, Kane is downing coffee when Trips and Steph come in and talk with the still strangely happy Kane. Trips and Steph are gushing about tonight's main event when they change the subject to Kane just showing up last night. Kane plays dumb as Steph addresses Kane's issues with Rollins. Kane keeps playing dumb and sucking up to Trips and Steph. Trips starts to says something until Steph proposing leaving the past behind.

But first, Steph wants something back. She puts out her hand, and Kane delivers a five. Steph clarifies that she means the mask. He plays dumb until he experiences a brief personality switch by saying that there's a big problem. He then switches and vows to find the mask.


Backstage, Paige is hanging out when Natalya comes up to her and sympathizes with Paige feeling left behind. Nattie then turns it and calls Paige's actions disrespectful when it was Charlotte's big night. Nattie reminds us that she's still employed, and that she has a match against Naomi later. Nattle then says that the only person holding Paige back is Paige.


The New Day and Rusev vs The Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler

Before the match, an emotional Xavier Woods cuts a promo saying that WWE docs had to remove a large piece of wood from his buttocks. Kofi Kingston says that the Dudleys must be stopped from their tyranny. Big E proposes building a huge wall to protect The New Day and their furniture. They chant #SaveTheTables for a few moments before the rest of the participants come out.

Obligatory "The New Day are American treasures" remark.

My god, this was such a fun match, and everyone involved made it awesome. I mean, we have Xavier Woods playing Rusev's theme on the trombone...need I say more? The end comes after Rusev cracks Ziggler with a superkick after Ziggler superkicks Woods (Hot Summer makes the save for the trombone). Rusev pins Ziggler to win.

The New Day and Rusev vs The Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler.

If you're reading this without watching the show, go out of your way to watch this...seriously. Indulge on your Bulgarian tricep meat.


Natalya vs Naomi

Pretty standard match here with nothing much to note. Naomi hits the Rear View to win.

Naomi def Natalya


Backstage, Trips and Steph are chatting when Seth Rollins comes in to ask about their plan against Kane. Steph tells Rollins that Kane has let out his anger and his is able to work tonight. Rollins starts freaking out about Kane possibly disemboweling him or other things. Trips shuts him up and says that they'll handle Kane while Rollins should worry about John Cena.


Cesaro vs Big Show

Slow match with Big Show controlling most of the match. In fact, the only real highlight is Cesaro suplexing Big Show from the apron into the ring. Despite this, Show hits the KO Punch to win because someone's gotta be strong for Brock Lesnar.

Big Show def Cesaro

Afterwards, Show cuts a promo toward Brock Lesnar. He says that Lesnar will resemble Cesaro come the MSG show. As Show goes on, a "Suplex City" chant starts before he says that his ass ain't going to Suplex City.

Brock Lesnar will go to hell when his Go to Hell tour starts.


The Wyatt Family cuts a promo from the mysterious backstage dungeon.

Luke Harper talks about voices in the head and says that Randy Orton hasn't learned his lesson. Braun Strowman says some cryptic thing, and Bray Wyatt says that Orton will learn his lesson before repeating that they all fall down.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins (United States Championship)

Notice the suspiciously placed pyro shooters on the ring posts...

This was a pretty good match as you'd expect, but it's edging into the "we've seen this before" territory. Regardless, there was some great offense between the two men. In the end, Rollins hits a frog splash, but Cena instantly reverses it into an AA to win.

John Cena def Seth Rollins; retains US Title

After the match, Kane appears on the Titantron and tells Seth Rollins to be the best WWE World Heavyweight Champion he can be, as ANYONE could come after him.

As the video ends, pyro goes off, and Kane comes through the ring to drag Rollins to hell. The corner pyro pops off, and that's all folks....yup.

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