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Lawyer claims Jimmy Snuka suffering from partial dementia; could affect murder trail

The Allentown Morning Call ran a report today with quotes from William E. Moore, Jimmy Snuka's attorney, that claim the former pro wrestling star is suffering from "partial dementia" and is in really bad shape. It's apparently bad enough that it could affect his standing trial on charges recently brought against him for the murder of his girlfriend in 1983.


"He is not in good shape physically or mentally. I'm not sure he realized what was going on. I'm not sure what his cognitive abilities are. I don't see it ever getting better. ... "His faculties are so compromised you wouldn't know what he's saying. He doesn't understand a simple conversation. You put him up against a sharp prosecutor asking, 'Remember 30 years ago when you said this ...,' he has no recollection."

It's noted in the report that Moore will not represent Snuka in his criminal case but whoever does will have to focus on whether or not he's even "competent to stand trial." He was in a wheelchair and hooked to a feeding tube when he surrendered to police, and he needs daily care for his recovery from stomach cancer.

Snuka is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 21.

For all the details surrounding the case read here.

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