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Charlotte cries at being number one contender to WWE Divas title (Video)

"Michael, it honestly doesn't feel real. I only started in NXT three years ago and I remember watching Paige and Emma at NXT ArRIVAL and thinking 'how am I even going to get there?' And then having my match against Natalya, and then debuting, and now being the number one contender? I'm floored. I never pictured myself in this position. To think not only am I the number one contender but I'll be facing Nikki Bella on a major pay-per-view... I'm honored, I really am. I'm trying to fight back tears because I never saw myself being in this position. Four years ago I was just personal training in Charlotte and my little brother honestly was the one who helped me realize this was a dream of mine because I never believed in myself but he did. So I'm here sitting in front of you as the number one contender and it means the world to me."

If you weren't sold on Charlotte challenging Nikki Bella for the Divas championship at Night of Champions on Sept. 20 in Houston before, are you now?

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