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Dolph Ziggler explains why he wears pants in the ring now

Because he's Dolph Ziggler, the Show Off, when he made the switch from traditional wrestling trunks to long pants recently fans wondered what would lead to such a decision. Now, thanks to an interview with Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV, we know the answer:

"For fun. I was like 'oh, I'm finally getting to wear some gear that I like, 80s rockeresque Motley Crue kind of stuff' and I was like 'this is kind of cool.' All those guys, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, they all have the black cool pants. I go 'let me try a pair of pants, see if I like them.' It was a special thing for SummerSlam. They arrived a day late. I wore 'em on that... it's a special Raw now. So I'm like 'this could work.' So I'm in the mix of getting another pair made. We'll see. Raw exclusive pants only for now and if it works out at the next pay-per-view and the pants work out maybe we'll stick to 'em. We'll see. It's all about... like, the Undertaker wasn't just this guy who stood there like this. He became this biker, he became all these things. If I don't have that time to develop my character, let me just slowly become the guy who wears the stuff that he wants to wear."

Is it just me or is it at least a little sad that the most character development we've seen from Ziggler in some time now is the fact that he switched to wearing pants in the ring?

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