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Sad Lana misses you

A photo posted by Lana (@thelanawwe) on

Every day is a new day with #blessings.... Missing my job so much. Missing going out into the arena everyday, missing a new city every day & more then anything missing all the fans that make my job so worth while. I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the sweet #messages, #prayers, #thoughts and #support you all send me on these days of recovery. I can not wait to be back! #WWE #Dream #Big #Recovery #Fight #WeWantLana #RavishingRussian #NoMake #BOOM

Lana just had surgery to repair a wrist injury (and it looks gnarly). She's expected to be out for around four months or so and the time away is getting to her.

Meanwhile, Rusev won't let up:

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