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WWE 2K16 roster won't include Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch or Charlotte

WWE 2K has spent weeks unveiling the official roster for the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game. It's the largest roster in the history and much of the marketing has centered on that very fact. However, it was revealed today that the completed roster will not include the Four Horsewomen of NXT.


We pushed as hard as we could to include Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley in WWE 2k16, but it simply did not work out for various reasons. While we are not divulging full details on WWE 2K16's post-launch plans just yet, we can confirm that the Four Horsewomen will not be available as DLC.

We are proud to have and built the largest WWE roster to date featuring the most Divas ever. The WWE 2K16 disc includes all of the Divas on the main roster at the time we locked it in (13 playable in total).

As others have pointed out, Banks told a fan on Twitter that she was scanned for the video game. That doesn't mean she won't be included but it's led to obvious speculation that perhaps they have a plan in place to introduce these women at a later time.

Stay tuned.

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