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Sting admits he's just in WWE to put others over

If you're one of the many who is of the belief that Sting was brought into WWE just to put others over, first Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and now Seth Rollins at Night of Champions this coming Sunday night, well, he all but admitted that's exactly the case in an interview with Rolling Stone:

"I had my time. There's no question about that. For a guy my age to be where I am right now is, to me, next to impossible. And yet, I'm here. It's not about Sting, not anymore. You're asking a straight-up question, I'll give ya a straight-up answer. That's it, and I am just fine with that."

It's hard to argue with the logic there, considering he is a 56-year-old man and the idea of making him a featured star who needs putting over is, in so many ways, ridiculous.

That said, old Sting fans like myself can't help but feel sad about it all.

Elsewhere, he responsed to the outrage at his putting over Triple H so hard in that promo a few weeks back:

"I don't pay attention a lot of times to what's out there, so this is the first time I'm hearing any news of that. I don't think there's anyone who's going to carry all that to Night of Champions and think about that, because the bottom line is, my focus is Seth Rollins. Triple H is Triple H, and he's worth the put-over."

Well there you have it.

There's plenty of good stuff in the full interview. Read it here.

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