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WWE gimmick tweaks: new for Adam Rose, old for Damien Sandow


Some items worth considering from WWE Live events in the Southeast United States, for fans of lower card guys and the process of trying to connect with audiences in a way that impresses the powers-that-be to keep you around.

Adam Rose has been wearing these glasses for a while, but we're hearing more about the heel character that goes with them. Reportedly, it's a nasally voiced "downer" gimmick where he berates the audience for having fun, so a 180 from the "party time, all the time" schtick with which he debuted on the main roster.

The man himself is Tweeting in the role, which might mean it has some backstage approval:

At last night's Little Rock, Arkansas SmackDown taping, a dark match featured Rose squaring off against a guy who used to work a similar, crowd-chastising gimmick. Damien Sandow returned in his signature blue robe and pink tights, but is now a babyface who proclaims himself to be "the voice of common sense":

Will either of these lead anywhere for the performers behind the act? That's up to WWE...but what do you think, Cagesiders?

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