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Has ZZ from Tough Enough already signed with WWE?

PWInsider reported today that Tough Enough finalist ZZ my have already been signed WWE and is already training at the Performance Center.

If true, it may not be surprising that WWE decided to scoop up the 19 year old finalist from Louisiana.  He was constantly told by the judges and trainers that he has what it takes with his charisma/personality to make it but did not have the desire to get himself that final spot.  The fans of the show clearly loved him since it was their votes that kept saving him from elimination every time he was in the bottom three, and that was often.

What is a bit surprising is that they signed him so soon after the show ended. Tough Enough's finale was less than a month ago.  For a show that's purpose is to give the winner a contract, it takes away from the gravity of winning the show if within a month they sign a contestant who did not win the show.  It's also a bit surprising that ZZ was the first snatched up and not the coaches favorite Patrick Clark, who already had experience wrestling.

For those who are curious, here is the quick match ZZ had with Cesaro on the Tough Enough finale.

Hopefully, ZZ can get himself into shape (some Bull Fit maybe?) and live up to that potential everyone spoke about.  If he is in fact signed, it'll be interesting to find out who we will be saying in NXT the soonest between ZZ, the male other finalist Josh and the women's finalist Sara Lee.

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