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Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose totally just revealed their mystery partner at Night of Champions (Video)

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose informed us on Monday Night Raw last night in Memphis that they found a partner for their match against The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions this Sunday night in Houston. They just didn't reveal who it is. But that's because no one asked.

Thankfully, JoJo did just that in an interview backstage at the show. Here's how they responded:

Reigns: So you're prying is what you're doing. You're being nosy.

Ambrose: Women always pry.

Reigns: Do you really want to know or are you just trying to hang out with us? What's happening here? What are you doing?

JoJo: I want to know.

Reigns: The Great Khali. That's our guy. ... ... Do you really think she believed it? I think she believed it.

Ambrose: I'll tell you who our partner is -- information! Information is power in this world. We know who our partner is, the Wyatts don't know who our partner is, and the world doesn't know who our partner is so we hold a little bit of extra power. And if I just tell you who the partner is, if I just tell you that our partner is Savio Vega, then it's...

Reigns: Savio Vega? Savio Vega? It's Great Khali!

Ambrose: Oh, you were serious?

Reigns: Yeah.

Ambrose: I actually kinda thought we were pretty close with Savio. He called me back, I haven't...

Reigns: We're actually just lying though, we don't have a partner. This is all we need right here. Two, that's it. We don't have a partner. Alright, seriously -- it's Savio Vega. You're welcome. Nobody ever just asks.

Ambrose: She was real nice about it. She was very nice, yeah.

Reigns: Bray Wyatt goes out there, blah blah blah, cryptic stuff, I have no clue what you're talking about, who your partner is, I don't know. But all she had to do was ask. Savio Vega and if he's not available, Great Khali. Thank you. This is actually refreshing.

Ambrose: She's very pleasant.

Reigns: Good job! Keep it up!

Don't sleep on Savio Vega, y'all.

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