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Want to go on a beach date with Rusev & Summer Rae? Thanks to, YOU CAN

After a rough few months...finding out you were actually an abusive boyfriend when you just thought you were a mindless killing machine, breaking your foot, stalking your ex and watching her fall in love with a bleach blonde party boy, being propositioned by another young lady with a bit of a history at your job, but who seems willing to let your dress her up Vertigo-style...things are looking up for Rusev.

First, he found out he won't have to see cold fish Lana on the job for a while. Not that he wants to see anyone get hurt, mind you, but...

Now, we find out that he got to spend a lovely day on the beach (somewhere in between Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania...I'm thinking Ocean City?) with Hot Summer, as the pictorial on says, "frolicking together in the sizzling sunshine".

It's RuRu's world, y'all. We're just living in it.

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