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Lana keeps it kayfabe - even heading into surgery (video)

Lana on Twitter

Seems like we're a long way from peak Lana, but it was just earlier this year that she was still greated by OH HAIs across the Twitter-sphere whenever she appeared on television screens.

Live audiences will still bust out a "We Want Lana" chant when she shows up in the arena, but many in the internet wrestling community (IWC) have cooled on a woman they once hoped was a future female Paul Heyman.

While we can knock her character's choice of men, and apparently unironic love of 80s fashion (among other things), The Ravishing Russian is still the queen of kayfabe. Even as she heads into surgery to repair the damaged wrist that will further delay her in-ring debut, a performer who's served as the WWE mouthpiece of U.S. champions and Russian Presidents still remembered her gimmick:

Takes you back to the days when Lana posts showed up on Cageside like she was in New Day or something.

Get well soon (and lobby for a new storyline while you're rehabbing).

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