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Steve Austin & Ric Flair 'didn't like' Triple H beating Sting at WrestleMania, want Kevin Owens for his next WWE opponent

I love it when Hall of Famers complain about Creative decisions and fantasy book.

WWE Legends - they're just like us!

Steve Austin was Ric Flair's guest on a recent edition of The Nature Boy's WOOOOO! Nation podcast. Their 30 minute conversation covered a range of topics, but, in light of Sting's recent return to WWE television and upcoming match with Seth Rollins - one that focused heavily on his only other match in the company, a loss to Triple H at the 2015 edition of WrestleMania in California - it's the pair's discussion of how Stinger's been used since finally agreeing to work for Vince McMahon that's most relevant.

Unfortunately, this was taped before last night's Raw, so if you're looking outrage on that, check with my partner in crime and Sting mega-fan Geno (here, or here), but neither man was good with Hunter's win in Levi's Stadium this Spring.

Austin: I thought, "man, you bring Sting in here and you beat him?" Man, do something where it looks like you're going to do the screwjob, but then something happens and [Sting] goes over on Triple H, who we all love. If you're going to bring Sting in, put him over.

Flair: I didn't like that, myself

While I wasn't blown away by Ric's pick to face The Icon last March, Kane, at least it would have made sense toward getting a showdown with The Undertaker at some point. With that match off the table, probably for good, I am on board with Naitch's choice to face Sting in Arlington, Texas in 2016:

Now that I've seen this other kid, Kevin Owens, Kevin Owens who is a legitimate heel would be a great opponent for [Sting] in Dallas. Owens has enough steam on him now and he actually is a heel.

I don't know what the story would be, but I'm confident that one of the best babyfaces of all-time and the best bad guy working today could come up with something.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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