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CM Punk on if he gets annoyed with fans asking if he'll return to wrestling

Despite the fact that he went through a nasty divorce with WWE and has stated multiple times that the rigorous schedule and non-stop assault on his health made him hate professional wrestling, CM Punk still faces that question from both fans and media on a nearly constant basis.

Are you ever going to return?

When asked by Red Eye Chicago if it bothers him, Punk played it cool:

"Yes and no. It irks me a little bit because I think it's the same people that are asking it. But at the same time you have to roll with the punches because it comes with the territory. It's probably what I'm most known for, and there are fans out there that miss me in that venue. I am not one to draw in the past and I'm sailing on."

Punk has a UFC career to focus on now and he couldn't have left WWE on any worse terms. Even his wife left after the work environment became so uncomfortable in part due to the company doctor suing him. So he's probably never going back and even if he does end up in a WWE ring again one day, it won't be anytime soon.

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