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You need to see this Stardust interview right now (Video)

For some time now we've had no real idea who the Stardust character is or is trying to be. There was one time late last year when he actually tried to tell us and we still couldn't figure it out:

Now, Michael Cole sits down with him for an interview and WWE is getting meta with its storytelling. They're acknowledging that Stardust is a character, the real man is Cody Rhodes, and he's just living the gimmick, as they say in the business. He's living it so much, in fact, that he's completely lost in it, to the point that he believes Stephen Amell is actually The Green Arrow and anyone who thinks otherwise is perpetuating a lie.

This is brilliant.

It's also weird as hell and Cole having no idea how to respond to it makes it that much better.

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