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GIF: What were Charlotte and Brie Bella doing here?

WWE is pushing the DIVAS REVOLUTION by giving the women on the roster more time to work in their matches. This is a good thing both because the women are featured and they're getting the opportunity to develop that much more while building chemistry with each other.

And they really need to.

That was never more evident than this moment on Monday Night Raw last night during a tag match that saw Charlotte and Brie Bella meet in the corner and suddenly forget everything they know about anything in the world around them (GIF via Wrestling With Text):

That is a work of art. They both start to throw a punch, then stop short to start selling for the other's punch, then there's that short period of time where the world seems to stop and no one knows what the hell to do. It's so awkward it's painful.

Thankfully, Nikki Bella was around to get back in and save this mess.

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