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Dean Ambrose: Victim of attempted fan attack on Smackdown

Dean Ambrose becomes the second WWE babyface of the month to be attacked by a crazed fan. Remember the good old days when it was the heels who would be singled out for such senseless acts of violence?

"Now you know how it feels, buddy" - Roman Reigns to Dean Ambrose?
"Now you know how it feels, buddy" - Roman Reigns to Dean Ambrose?
JP Yim/Getty Images

Video footage has emerged, via TMZ, of a fan attempting to attack Dean Ambrose after the completion of the Smackdown television tapings in Providence, Rhode Island, on Tuesday, Aug. 25th. As can be seen from the video below, a young male fan hopped the guardrail and rushed towards Ambrose from behind, only to be tackled by a security guard before he could touch the wrestler:

The TMZ story claims that the would-be-attacker "was holding a sharp object which at least one fan says was a knife", so the quick reactions of the security guard could have saved Ambrose from being stabbed, though there is no definitive proof of the fan having a weapon. Thankfully though, Dean was unharmed and presumably the crazed fan was thrown out of the arena and banned from attending any future WWE events in the area.

In the territorial days of wrestling, such attempted attacks would be commonplace, except invariably it would have been the heel getting ambushed. Today, it seems like babyfaces are just as likely to be singled out for such senseless acts of aggression.

Indeed, it was just three weeks ago that an equally stupid fan hit Roman Reigns in the back of the head with a replica Money in the Bank briefcase at a house show in Victoria, British Columbia. Maybe the only thing more dangerous in WWE than being Roman Reigns, is being positioned as his bosom buddy, eh Cagesiders?

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