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Ryback injury update, or HOLY CRAP! IS THAT HIS KNEE? (Pic)

It's been a while since we've seen The Big Guy. The Intercontinental champion was scheduled to defend his title in a Triple Threat at Battleground last month, but that match was pulled from the card after word came out that Ryback was injured.

The champ himself clarified that the injury was a staph infection in his knee, and a million Z-Pack jokes and semi-tounge-in-cheek theories about the IC belt being cursed surged forth onto the internet.

Yesterday, Ryback provided an update, along with some photographic evidence:

And this is the best it has looked and felt. Wouldn't wish this upon anyone, but it will be overcome. Staying upbeat and positive even in frustration.

If that's truly the best it's looked in the two and a half weeks since he was Needless to say, there's no word on a return date for the IC champ at this time. Surprisingly, there's also no news about taking the title away from him, crowning an interim champ...or really anything about the belt.

Come to think of it, considering how WWE values secondary championships, maybe that's not so surprising.

Here's wishing The Ryback a reduction in swelling and a speedy recovery.

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