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Sasha Banks: I'm not injured; I'm a f'n boss!

In the immediate aftermath of Bayley's NXT women's title victory over Sasha Banks at the Takeover: Brooklyn event this past Saturday night, everyone was too awash in the glow of one of the best women's matches in WWE history to worry about the health of the participants. Both seemed okay, after all, despite Bayley taking a bad bump on what looked like a botched spot.

Then, days later, slo-mo video showed us that Sasha took what looked like a really bad bump on a reverse rana at the finish. Watch it here.

It wasn't clear if she was hurt, but she did work sparingly in the SummerSlam trios match, then missed the Raw and SmackDown tapings this week. To clear up any rumors, Banks took to Instagram with the following message:

"I'm not injured! I'm a fn Boss! Legit! See yall tonight in #wweftmyers #WhosTheBaddest #LegitBoss #BankOnIt"

And there you have it.