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Video: Chris Jericho feels bad for Hulk Hogan

Things have settled down pretty quickly on the Hulk Hogan front, but with one of if not the most famous pro wrestlers of all-time banished from the biggest pro wrestling/sports entertainment company in the world, it's still going to come up from time-to-time.

One of those times would be when the show Hogan was a part of at the time that tapes of him making racist comments leaked out into the press is getting ready to run its live finale, and the host of the program is making the interview rounds.

So when Chris Jericho was a guest on Huffington Post's web show HuffPost Live in advance of the last episode of this year's edition of Tough Enough, the Hulkster, his comments and position they've land him in were discussed. And as you can see if the above video, Y2J is sticking with his friend:

It's that word ... that word is such an ugly word. I was surprised, absolutely, because Hulk's not like that. But we all say things at stupid times in stupid ways.

I think it's one of those deals where as a friend, you gotta stick by your friends in good times and bad times. I don't condone it, and I'm surprised, but a friend is a friend.

I feel bad for him. I feel bad for everyone involved. But I do know this: Nobody feels more let down than he does.

Jericho says that he has been in touch with Hogan, so he is true to his word in terms of standing by a friend, and has some insight into Hogan's frame of mind. Despite the 21st century knock on him as a company schill, this isn't the first time that he's stuck by a buddy when he's run afoul of public opinion and WWE - he's been a supported of ousted NXT trainer Bill DeMott, including having him on his podcast Talk is Jericho after his resignation following multiple allegations of bullying and insensitive comments.

While I personally think that Hulk's comments were beyond an occasion of "stupid things", people are often more capable of change and growth with the help of their friends and loved ones, so I do admire Jericho's principles here.

Your take, Cagesiders?

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