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Seth Rollins tells critics to 'suck it,' thinks he's doing a bang up job as WWE champion

The customer is always right ... unless you're a WWE customer, in which case you're a mark and you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Also, you can suck it.

That's the word from Seth Rollins, at least, if you've been a critic of his reign as WWE world heavyweight champion from the safe confines of your couch at home and "haven't done a thing," whatever that means.

As he tells Rolling Stone:

"I know that I'm the one who worked for 12 years to get to this point, I'm the one who spent my whole life putting this before my family and friends, I'm the one who sacrificed every relationship I've ever had to get to this point, and if that guy sitting on his couch, who never did a thing, wants to point fingers at me and talk to me about my championship reign - even if it's a good thing - he can suck it. His opinion is irrelevant to me."

Fair enough.

He did provide some education while putting himself over:

"I've had the title for 100-and-whatever days, and every single day of that reign, people have wanted me to lose that title more and more; so in my estimation, I'm doing a bang-up job as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. People have lost sight of what heat is. They don't understand it, in the era of reality in wrestling, and how smart they are and all this, they've lost sight of what actual heat is. So the idea of booking a champion too weak doesn't exist in my opinion. It's about the heat. I'm going to find that little thing that irks people just enough; right when they think they might like me just a little bit, I'll get them all the way there, and then I'll do the one thing that pisses them off. That, for me, is a trick of the trade, always thinking that way: 'What's the crappiest way I can do this?'"

So it's not that he's done a poor job, it's that you, dear fan, just don't really understand. The premise seems simple enough: He's going to escape by the skin of his teeth time and time again and it's going to piss you off more and more and you'll want him to lose the title that much more.

The real question, though, is whether or not you'll pay money to see it happen.

That's the ultimate goal here. It's not just to piss you off, it's to piss you off but keep you invested in the story so that you'll invest your time and, in turn, your money, and the cycle repeats itself.

The numbers don't seem to support the idea that anyone wants to see Rollins as champion, what with both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown posting some of its lowest viewership totals throughout his run as WWE world heavyweight champion. That's certainly not all on him -- ratings were in decline long before he was given the title. But they haven't bounced back in any meaningful way in the five months he's been the flag bearer for the promotion.

And if that's the case, is he really doing a bang up job?

I'll let you decide, Cagesiders.

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