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Jonathan Coachman details ESPN coverage plans at SummerSlam

In a long interview with Sports Illustrated (well worth your time, read it here), Jonathan Coachman explains what coverage plans ESPN has for SummerSlam this coming Sunday:

"We're doing a lot of sit-downs on Saturday with guys who have cross-over appeal. We're going to sit down and talk with different wrestlers that either played football in college, like Roman Reigns or John Cena, to the Miz, who was a reality star, so there are a lot of guys the casual sports fan would know. We'll meet with them on Saturday, and those interviews will be on and our SportsCenter feed on Twitter, and then we'll be doing live shots on Sunday morning from outside the arena to show people the atmosphere. Then we'll interview a few people about what Sunday night means to their careers. We're used to dealing with athletes and asking, ‘What does this game mean to you?' Well, performing at SummerSlam is just like performing in the NFC Championship game. You've got to bring your top game so you can make it to the Super Bowl in WrestleMania. We want to introduce a lot of these guys to the part of the sports world who don't watch Raw."

That's a big get for WWE and will undoubtedly alienate a segment of the ESPN fan base who thirsts only for "legitimate" sports coverage. That said, Coachman explains that there has been an increased emphasis on entertainment at the Worldwide Leader of late and that will expand here.

Coachman's connection to WWE has helped open the door. If it goes well on Sunday, who knows what the future will hold.

Looking forward to the coverage?

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