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Chris Jericho open to full time WWE return

Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

While Chris Jericho has been keeping himself off WWE television of late, he keeps his pro wrestling game sharp by working house shows in between outside commitments. As he explained to Sports Illustrated, he's allowed to work whatever dates he can squeeze in:

"The invitation is there 365 days a year. It's not like I'm auditioning for a job with the WWE. It's the other way around, ‘Give us as many dates as you can. You want to just work weekends? Do it. You want to just work TV? That's fine, too.' They leave it up to me, and I like working the schedule I'm on now."

That makes it sound as though he won't be returning to a full time schedule anytime soon but that doesn't mean he's ruling it out in the future:

"I've been off TV for a year, but I've worked 50 shows in the interim just doing live events, which, to me, is a lot more fun. I'm also working with all of the younger guys - I worked with Kevin Owens two weeks ago when Cena broke his nose - and that's fun, too. Anyway I can be involved, I enjoy it. When it comes time for me to be full-time, we'll figure out what I'm going to do and I'll come back."

At 44-years-old, the clock is ticking. Then again, working so infrequently allows Jericho plenty of time to heal while avoiding the grind of a full time schedule, prolonging his career. The question is whether or not he's got much to offer at this stage of said career on a full time basis.


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