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Adam Rose & Brad Maddox teaming with new gimmick on WWE house shows


Ever since ESPN's E:60 feature on WWE NXT, fans have been looking to see if the Adam Rose gimmick would be dropped or tweaked to capitalize on Ray Leppan's compelling human story. Last week, Rose was teasing a return to his Leo Kruger character and a possible alliance with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Ever since he was fired as the General Manager of Raw, fans have been wondering if WWE would ever use Brad Maddox on television again.

The news out of a house show in Hidalgo, Texas this weekend doesn't answer any of those questions or resolve any issues, but in losing what's been described as a comedy match to Curtis Axel & Damien Sandow (themselves now back to their basic schtick following AxelMania and the Meta-Powers becoming a casualty of the Hulk Hogan ban), we know that they're teaming in some sort of Val Venis meets Simon Dean act:

Will this stick? Should it? What say you Rosebuds and Maddox-en?

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