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Finn Balor says there's nothing to his teasing of a pairing with Paul Heyman


Since joining WWE, Finn Balor has taken multiple opportunities to tease a pairing with Brock Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman. He did so back in March around WrestleMania 31, and again just this past week when he tweeted out some fan art of the two.

So is he teasing something that is actually possible or is he just having fun with it?

In an interview with the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast, he makes clear he's just teasing while leaving the door open to a future alliance:

"I'm a big admirer of Paul, and I've had a lot of conversations with Paul about what we could do potentially in the future but it's all hypothetical at the moment. That was some incredible, incredible fan art that I'm very fortunate that people send me all the time and I like to publicize some of their work and that's literally all that was. A lot of people read into it their own way, and I apologize for that. But who knows, I will be in Brooklyn for NXT Takeover, I believe SummerSlam is in Brooklyn the next night, I believe Raw is in Brooklyn the next night so I'll be in Brooklyn. Who knows?"

Realistically, putting Heyman with anyone other than Lesnar is a risky proposition, especially a talent coming up in WWE (see: Cesaro, Curtis Axel). He works best as a mouthpiece for a perpetually pushed wrestler always near the main event. While Balor has that potential, simply pairing him with Heyman won't necessarily get him there.

But it's fun to think about the possibilities, no?

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