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WWE releases a Blue Pants shirt and it's the greatest thing in history

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Just a short time ago, yours truly passed along word that WWE released a bunch of new merchandise for various NXT stars over at There were six new shirts put up, and some of you noticed that I left two of them off. The first is the standard event shirt for Takeover: Brooklyn, which was left off for obvious reasons.

The second was because it deserves a post all to itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, WWE has released the greatest shirt in the history of shirts.

BP front


BP back


That is literally a t-shirt with a pair of blue pants on the front and the words "blue pants" on the back. Can you imagine wearing that out in the world? We like to pretend NXT is some big deal and in our little bubble it may be, but that's our little bubble. Put that on and wear it at your local mall. NO ONE is going to know what it's in reference to.

And that's the beauty of it. You'll be that guy/gal wearing a shirt with a pair of blue pants on the front and they'll laugh walking by only to turn around and see that "blue pants" is printed on the back. Everyone will then die laughing or from the sheer joy of the fact that this is a real thing that exists and you are a real person actually wearing it.

Then, one day, you'll be out in the world and someone will see you wearing this shirt and they'll know exactly what it's in reference to and that will be a glorious day indeed.

You cannot lose with this shirt.

It's the greatest thing ever.

I'm buying one right after I click publish. Click here to do the same.

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