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That time Summer Rae wouldn't put up with Eva Marie's awful Camel Clutch

Remember that episode of Total Divas last year when Summer Rae and Eva Marie were told they may be tagging together and hit the ring to get some work in? And Eva was lagging behind badly and Summer was getting really upset about it? And the highlight was Summer rolling her eyes and quite obviously not putting up with any of Eva's ignorance when she attempted a Camel Clutch?

Here's the video:

Why do I bring this up? Because, at the time, they never really showed Summer proving she's any better than Eva at said Camel Clutch. But now it all makes sense after this past Monday night's episode of Raw.

Where this happened:

Summer will break your back and make you humble. That is deliciously brutal, and knowing she won't put up with others not knowing what the hell they're doing with it makes it that much better.

This was destined to be.

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