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Recap: Sasha Banks' appearance on Talk is Jericho was excellent

Everyone should absolutely go and check out Sasha's appearance on Talk is Jericho, it's some great stuff, but here is a detailed recap of the podcast:

When asked about watching WWE, she buries WWE for only seeing the women in Bra & Panties matches and needing Playboy shoots to get storylines when she was growing up.

She says she wasn't really interested in the women's matches in WWE and was much more interested in Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Dean Malenko. Apparently she really liked the graps.

Initially when they started at NXT with the Emma/Paige/Summer/Sasha class, they were told to ‘wrestle like Divas.’ Sasha did not know what that meant, she later found out that it means no strikes, no kicks, no punches, and mainly just hair pulling and slaps.

She says that the culture changed when Sara Del Rey came in as the trainer and that was when they were able to actually wrestle, but she puts over Norman Smiley huge as her trainer and called him "the backbone of developmental." Jericho talks about his own experiences with Norman and how helpful he was to a young Chris Jericho when wrestling in Mexico when he could have had a quick match, but instead gave Jericho 20-25 minutes and really helped him get over, and says he returned the favor by helping Norman get the gig at the performance center, which Sasha heaped effusive praise on him for doing.

She talked about main eventing the house shows and when they were told she and Charlotte would be the Main Event she cried in excitement, especially given Philadelphia's reputation as a tough crowd and the level of confidence they had in them to give them that opportunity. She said she was so happy because they gave them a standing ovation and "nobody left" during the match. It must not be the easiest to be a woman in wrestling.

She then talked about loving this so much that even though she was not digging watching the women, she was willing to settle for wrestling models and having three minute matches because she wanted to be in WWE that bad, but once she got signed, she realized that that was never going to be enough for her, and really wanted to be the best.

Jericho asked about her NXT matches. She credits Paige and Emma for really starting this, after they had the first Takeover match. They then talked about the match with Becky and she talked about how much she loved it and it boggled her mind that people were saying it was the best women's match they’ve seen. Jericho put that one over huge as well and said he was incredibly impressed with it.

Jericho mentioned the match reminded him of late 80s early 90s All Japan Women and Sasha talked about how much she loved that as well. She said her favorite was Akira Hokuto. As if I couldn’t possibly love her more. That’s how you know a true fan. It’s easy to mention Manami, but you’re throwing out Hokuto, you actually really watched and loved that stuff. She talked about how she wanted to wrestle in Japan, because that was the style she grew up loving, but WWE got her first. She actually went to online high school, so she mainly spent her teenage years just watching Japanese wrestling on youtube.

Chris then asks her about The Boss character. Sasha says that Tyler Breeze really helped her develop it and the moniker came from her cousin, Snoop Dogg referring to himself as The Boss. Jericho was floored to hear that Snoop Dogg was her cousin. She talks about him taking her to shows when she was a kid and hoping that Snoop could introduce her to Vince McMahon and maybe help get her in the door.

They go back to The Boss, and Jericho credits her huge for finding a character that worked for her so quickly, and she explained how she started off being herself and not getting over because herself is just "a loser, a mark."

She talked about going to train at Chaotic Wrestling in a training camp and when she got there all she saw were "fat Jeff Hardy wannabes" and of course she was the only girl. The person that won the fantasy camp got free training for three months, and she ended up winning, even though people had no confidence that she would and laughed when she asked for her Church to pray for her to win.

Her story about Eddie Guerrero is an absolute must-listen. It's the saddest thing I've ever heard. She was going to  to see the show, and Eddie is her all-time favorite, so she had made a sign that said "I love Eddie Guerrero" but the show in question turned out to be Eddie Guerrero's tribute show. She had not listened to the news or anything beforehand, so she came to the show to see Eddie. Even when she saw the RIP Eddie signs, young Sasha still didn't get it and thought he was wrestling The Undertaker. It wasn't until and a fellow fan saw her sign and told her what happened that she learned the news, and she was absolutely heartbroken.

They then move on to talking about Dusty Rhodes, and she couldn't help holding back sniffles as she talked about him. She said that he really helped her develop her character and find her confidence, and was a tremendous aid to everyone on promos. She also does a Dusty impression, as you do, and it was fabulous.

Jericho then asked about the name "Sasha Banks" and she said she was so happy that she got a great name. It came from her suggesting Sasha something and something Banks, and they combined the two to give her her name. She felt incredibly lucky about it and buries the NXT name generator. She mentioned hearing other names and saying, "That’s the name they gave you? I’m so sorry."

Jericho then asked about women she liked to watch in WWE, if at all. She mentions Jazz, Jacqueline, Molly, Victoria, and Trish "when they actually got to wrestle," but immediately changes the subject back to Eddie and Malenko and Jericho. You can tell she was not a fan of the short matches women used to get.

Her callup story is really fascinating, and shows a way into the mindset of WWE and how stuff changes on the fly. First of all, she was pleased to be paired with Tamina and Naomi as they’re her friends outside the ring and she's really been loving hanging out with them in Team B.A.D.

As for the callup itself, the girls didn't know what was going on for most of the time. They found out officially hours before the show what was going to happen, but they didn't even know they were all going to be there until they met up at the airport, and were waiting for Bayley. :(. Bayley texted all of them that night and was so happy for them. And Sasha puts Bayley over huge as her favorite person. I am just so excited for this Takeover match, assuming she wins tonight.

After the match with Paige on Raw recently, Vince stood up and shook their hands when they came backstage. Paige told her that Vince never does that. Good news for those two!

She gives massive praise to Triple H. She says that he's the reason they get time to wrestle (so it's not Stephanie? Raw lied to me?!), and she was even really proud that he asked her, Charlotte, and Alexa to be in his entrance at Wrestlemania 30 for the match with Bryan, rather than having models do it. She says that NXT is his baby and talks about just how much he cares about NXT.

You can really tell the pressure she puts on herself when she talks about worrying if the next Takeover match is the one where they let people down and they pull the plug. I can’t imagine that’s too hard to put on the shoulders of a 23 year old kid, only the fate of her entire gender, no big deal. It's really incredible that she's not a bag of nerves in these big spots.

Chris asks about her favorite match. She says, unsurprisingly, that her favorite is Eddie v. Rey at Halloween Havoc 1997. She also loved Eddie v. Rey at WM 21, because he didn't try to cheat to win and wrestled honorably.

She says that her says she and Bayley are the two biggest wrestling nerds when they were at NXT but that she could beat her on wrestling knowledge. Jericho says that he's going to book a competition for them on Talk is Jericho in the future. Seriously... this Takeover match. They're gonna try to have the best match ever.

The biggest overall takeway is that there’s just such an authenticity and genuineness to Sasha that you can't help but find incredibly endearing. She has such a willingness to be real when she talked about really not being big into the women's division in WWE in the past, the old "wrestle like divas" mindset, or burying the occasionally bad names people get given at NXT, and you can tell that she's just such a genuine fan of professional wrestling.

For those wanting to listen in full, it can be found right here. It's definitely worth a listen.

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