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'How bout that flag tho'

Shortly after Rusev had "Hot" Summer Rae CRUSH Lana with the Accolade on Monday Night Raw last night in Everett, Washington, he debuted a new twist on an old gimmick: The flag that drops behind him in the ring is now Bulgarian and features a picture of the man himself looking dapper as hell.

In the above video, he talks about as much and it's almost as good as the flag reveal itself. After Summer tells Lana to stay on commentary with the likes of JBL, Rusev can't wait to come in with this:

"But, BUT ... how bout that flag tho? How about this flag? It represents the Rusev legacy that is going to last for thousands and thousands of years!"

Then he looks to Tom Philips, realizes he'll have nothing to add to this, waves him off with a "nah", and bails with Hot Summer trailing behind him.


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