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GIF: Seth Rollins and Randy Orton visit Botch City on Raw

There were a million problems with the booking on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw from Everett, Washington, least of all the idea that WWE would believe fans would want to see yet another Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton match. But hey, at least this time it was for the WWE world heavyweight title, right? Plus, they always work well together, yeah?

Well, not always.

That GIF showing the two taking a visit to Botch City comes by way of Wrestling With Text and illustrates that even seasoned vets who usually have great chemistry together can suddenly forget everything they know about the world around them. I can't stop watching it. Every time, I expect Rollins to complete the flip and go over the ropes and then Orton just collapses and no one knows what the hell to do.

We now eagerly await the follow up because if WWE has taught us anything over the past year, it's that they will find a way to book another Rollins vs. Orton match.

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