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UFC President Dana White calls out pro wrestling as fake; wrestling world freaks out over it

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy.

As he is wont to do, UFC President Dana White took to Twitter to waste the day away battling with fans over anything and everything ahead of tonight's UFC 190 pay-per-view in Brazil, one that features top star Ronda Rousey defending her title in a fight she's dedicated to Roddy Piper. During the course of said battling, White got into a discussion about pro wrestling, calling it out as fake and indirectly blasting WWE for its Network price:

Realistically, they're simply arguing semantics. Pro wrestling is "fake" in the sense that it's scripted and its outcomes predetermined. The toll it takes on those who participate in it is undeniably real, but it's likely that's not what White is referring to.

It's a really lame, circular argument that will likely never end.

That's in part because pro wrestlers and those within the business just can't let slights like this slide. Sure enough, various folks jumped on White's comments.

And there was this exchange:

There's an air of superiority in White's comments but he isn't necessarily wrong, at least not in the way he's likely approaching the subject . For that matter, there's an air of insecurity to the wrestler's comments but they aren't wrong either considering what they go through for something so many are so quick to pass off as "fake".

Like I said, it's a circular argument that will likely never end and no one is better off for having it.

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