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After barely surviving his battle with Drake, Meek Mill may have to go ONE-ON-ONE WIT DA UNDERTAKER

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Scott Legato / Getty Images

As if getting trolled by most of the hip-hop world and the entire nation of Canada weren't enough, Meek Mill may have to deal with The Dead Man.

TMZ is reporting that the Philadelphia rapper's response to Drake in their ongoing beef (get caught up on the saga, and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart's thoughts on it, here) has caught the eye of WWE's legal team.

His diss track, Wanna Know, samples The Undertaker's Rest in Peace entrance theme, owned by the company and composer Jim Johnston. WWE officials commented to TMZ:

WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we're looking into the matter.

Mix tapes, diss records and other staples of hip-hop are seldom if ever cleared for copyright. And since they were usually passed back and forth between fans with no money changing hands, it's rarely an issue when one emcee raps over another producer's beat.

But given that Meek and his team took a whole week to crank out Wanna Know (a lifetime in both internet and rap battle time), and that they knew this song was going to be a much bigger deal than some new performer leaking a mix tape to try to get a label deal...

Well, it's hard to feel sorry for Mill if Vince McMahon's lawyers do come calling.

He just better hope they don't suggest mediation with Teddy Long.

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