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Roman Reigns tries to explain Bray Wyatt feud (Video)

Roman Reigns joins Michael Cole for the weekly Wednesday interview at WWE and in it, he attempts to explain the issue he has with Bray Wyatt in their ongoing feud. His attempt:

"I don't really know. From a very literal standpoint... jealousy? Envy? I don't know. He's obsessed with me. I don't understand what's happening here. It's very straightforward, what I do. I tell you I'm going to come out there and fight and I try my damnedest to deliver. I don't know what angle he's coming from. He's a strange guy.

"Over the past seven months, I said I would deliver a big fight every night and that's what I do. At Battleground, I'm going to whoop Bray Wyatt's ass. I'm going to beat Bray Wyatt at Battleground. But I don't know if it's going to be enough."

How are you feeling about it, Cagesiders?

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